Top 5 Events You Can Enjoy Booking Cheap Flights Panama

Panama City Beach is one of the world’s sought-after beach destinations and resort cities located in Bay County, Florida, United States. However, apart from hosting the world’s most beautiful beaches, the place is famous for its events and festivals. May through October are the best months to visit as there is plenty of sunshine and airlines ticket to Panama also gets cheaper on account of reduced demand.

Take a look at the top events of Panama City that entice travel enthusiasts from all over the world and contribute handsomely to its economy as well.

1. Chasin the Sun Music Festival (September 23rd – 24th)

If you love music, book your cheap flights Panama in September. The festival gives you a chance to get drenched in the latest of rock music. In the day you can explore the outdoor beach activities and take a stroll to the noted attractions while at night you can have a wonderful evening with songs and live performances by talented artists. Nearby you can find hotels like Seahaven Beach Resort to stay. Don’t miss out on this. It would be a wise call to book airlines ticket to Panama at this point in time if are eying on the festival. Booking helps you save big on airline tickets.

2. Gulf Coast Jam (August 31st to September 2)

Domestic and international travelers alike take a keen interest in the country music and beach activities. The festival administrators are extremely courteous, and they take care of the needs and comfort of their guests. So, you don’t have to worry regarding accommodations. You can book your lodging tickets (which are located in front of the General Admission section).

3. Festival de la Mejorana en Guararé (September)

Panama is popular for its rich folkloric history. This festival provides a means to celebrate the myths and tales that are an innate part of its culture. The Festival de la Mejorana in Guararé is hosted in the province of Los Santos on the Azuero Peninsula. The festival commemorates and honors the Virgin of Mercy (la Virgen de las Mercedes), who was said to have demonstrated a miracle for a local’s daughter in 1949. In exchange, he promised an annual festival in her honor.

The festival is characterized by dance, song, food, and host of amusing activities. Fireworks and decorations transform this small town for the week-long festivities.

4. Fiestas Patrias (November)

This is a patriotic festival that marks the alienation of the country from Colombia in 1903 and is also popular as the nation’s Flag Day. This annual festival takes place in Panama City, so puts on display the might and beauty of the country for visitors. Hence, it’s a must watch festival if your flight to Panama ticket is booked around November.

5. Panama Jazz Festival

Music resonates from the culture of Panama City, and native performers take great pleasure in putting their best foot forward when it comes to making the venue alive. The annual Panama Jazz Festival starts from the beginning of the year and is celebrated across different parts of the country.

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